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Artificial Intelligence And Intuition

The intuitive algorithm Roger Penrose considered it impossible. Thinking could never imitate a computer process. He said as much in his book, The Emperor’s New Mind. But, a new book, The Intuitive Algorithm, (IA), suggested that intuition was a pattern recognition process. Intuition propelled information through many neural regions like …

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OCULAR NUTRITION Summary: The truths and fallacies about eye health. How much do you know about your eyes and the proper way to take care of them? Pretty much huh? Let’s see. Do you know it’s a misconception that eating carrots will improve one’s vision? Carrots do contain Vitamin A …

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Best android secret codes 2018

hello guys in this article we explore some interesting information about technology and tips tricks purpose. in this article i give you and tell you some best android secret codes for your usage. i wish that these codes are helpful for you. so now we explore it boom.! we use android …

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