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Artificial Intelligence And Intuition

The intuitive algorithm Roger Penrose considered it impossible. Thinking could never imitate a computer process. He said as much in his book, The Emperor’s New Mind. But, a new book, The Intuitive Algorithm, (IA), suggested that intuition was a pattern recognition process. Intuition propelled information through many neural regions like …

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Top Blogger Tips You Should Apply

First and foremost, I need to impart all of my followers – on Google Friend Connect (GFC), Twitter, and Facebook. A special shout intent on my GFC followers for your loyal support and serving to American state get to over 1000! As I write this, I’m observing the gorgeous faces …

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Staying On Top Of Blog Marketing News

Blog marketing is something that many take seriously. However, if you are into blog marketing and make your living off of your blogs, you are quickly going to realize how important staying on top of the blogging news is. Blogs are also known as web logs, and are used for …

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OCULAR NUTRITION Summary: The truths and fallacies about eye health. How much do you know about your eyes and the proper way to take care of them? Pretty much huh? Let’s see. Do you know it’s a misconception that eating carrots will improve one’s vision? Carrots do contain Vitamin A …

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Car Loan Payment Calculator

Everybody says that auto loan financing is a risky business and it is. What if your monthly income won’t be enough to cover the payments? What if your expenses suddenly go up and now you don’t have enough money to pay for your interest? What if…? There are too many …

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Online Dating Tips for a Woman! A Must Read Article

Online dating offers a fun and secure environment to meet other quality singles. It’s also a great place to build loving and trusting friendships that can lead to lasting, offline relationships. Whether you decide to correspond online or meet members offline, sound judgement and responsibility for conduct is strongly advised. …

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