Phonepe cashback offer free 20rs cashback


The post of howdy zone platform Guys every month of first date we will wait for loot offers because there are so many platforms which provide us

cashback offers purchasing offers it cetera one of the platform is phonepe because guys phonepe is giving 20 rupees cash back to their customer we have to purchase to gift cards 10 10 rupees this offer is applicable to X customer you can get gift card 10 10 rupees 20 + 20 rupees cashback in your phone pe wallet let’s see how can we get this offer and how to use this offer.

First of all we need to platforms one is phonepe another one zingoy.


Just go to Chrome browser and type z i n g o y if you have already account in this platform just signin if you do not have a account just click 3 lines  left side of three lines there you will see register click on register just give your name email id password refer code here is a refer code you just enter it and click on signup button after clicking on signup button you will get confirmation email on your email id just open that email id and click on that link after clicking on that link you will successfully verified your account now time to purchase a gift card come back  again on the website just search for a zingoy gift card.

There will see lot of gift cards just click on zingoy gift card you have to search 10 rupees gift card after searching 10 rupees gift card just add and click on go to cart and continue after clicking on continue you will go to your payment page there are so many payment modes you will see just select phonepe and click continue you will go to next window there you have to give your registered phone number which you have given in phonepe application after giving phone number click send OTP you will get OTP just enter and process to pay. just pay with wallet balance after successful transaction you will get 10 rupees gift card using word application and 10 rupees cashback in phonepe app just follow this process again and after completing two transaction you will get 10 10 rupees in your phone pe wallet.
just go and do this transaction you will get cashback with because this is amazing offers which has phonepe given to their customers if you have your family members phonepe app you will do the same process there also you will get benefit of this.
Please let me know  how would you like this offer in comment section.



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