Best way for earn money online


so Here guys in this article i will talk about earn money online  so basically today i give you some tip and trick which you need to know. There are many ways to earn online money but lots of people is not know these thing. This is basically for bagginner and i give you genuine ways not fake . Theee are many ways Here you will find so let’s start.

1.Google adsense 

google is is free way to earn money online and this is a genuine way for make money online. in adsense, Adsense is a free platform for website and blog WordPress and blogger for earn money online showing his ad on your blog or website. if you have no website or blog you can search on google or youtube there are lots of tuturial for make a free website.You can easily make money from this method But first you have to approve yiur adsense for approving adsense account you need to know basic knowledge for website or blog i recommended you that you can search on YouTube and watch ensurely you can approval for adsense .

How adsense work 

adsense work like affiliate Marketing because Adsense give you some ads and if you will show on your blog or website for you make money.
example, in your website or blog 100 user daily and if The user see the ad
and click on it so adsense give you money for clicking on ad. but never click on own ads.

2.E–book selling 

e–book selling is the best way for make online money lots of money you can make for this method. First you nees to know about e-book  basically this is online book which in form of pdf and you wish would you take. 
so example, you write a book on how to loose fat then you want to sell your book okk. you go to facebook and go to any big page like RVCJ and you can create a image like how to loose fat and image ad you can upload on RVCJ post in comment and example 2000 people show your image ad so your book only 50 rs and 200 people buy your book 200×50=10000 rs yours.
so this is the method of the ebook selling and earn money from the trick and lots of money is your.

3. Admob(create app)

the third one is admob . admin is a product of Google like AdSense but in admob admob give us ads for mobile application and adsense give us ads for website or blog so this is the difference between adsense and admob ..
so basically how to earn from this i which tell you the ways for earn from admob .
create your own app and publish it on Google playstore this is the way of earn online money fast.
now you think how to create a app so you can search on YouTube there are many Tuturial for this you can watch these video 
publish app on playstore, this is paid you can pay 25$ for publish your app on playstore but if you can buy and pay 25$ to google now you can lifetime publsh your app so this is the fast way of earn online money.
So, these are the genuine way for money making online if you want more ways for earn online money so you can comment on the article i will give you more tricks .

This is the ways for earn online money so these are the genuine way to earn online money you can try this way and I definitely bet you can earn a lots of money from this is a genuine way. I know you can like this article of you want these type of information so comment below;




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